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Why You Shouldn't Have A Security System Without Motion Sensors, Part 2

Why Everyone Should Have Motion Sensors As Part Of Their Security System

In our last blog post, we covered the reasons why some people don’t have motion detectors yet. We hope you’ll agree that the obstacles and drawbacks to having motion detectors are really just minor issues that you’ll easily be able to overcome. However, if you’re still thinking that you could do without motion sensors as your part of your home security package, here’s why you should think again.

1. Crooks Are Resourceful

No one can account for the amount of cleverness, resourcefulness, and creativity that a professional burglar brings to the table. If a crook who plans to enter your home notices certain components of your security system, they might be able to get by all of the security devices without tripping them. For instance, if you have the magnetic strip style of window alarm, they won’t necessarily detect when the window has been broken, only when the pane is raised. Once an intruder gets in your home, are you just give them free rein to walk wherever they want? You shouldn’t. Motion sensors are a good line of defense against someone who has managed to outwit all your other security components.

2. Motion Detectors Can Deter A Criminal From Entering At All.

If someone can see through your windows and observe that you have motion detectors installed in every room, they may very well pass on your house and move on to an easier target. The fact is, not all burglars are professionals. They might be just someone who is desperate and has never done this before and definitely doesn’t want to get caught. If you can prevent a burglary from happening in the first place, you may not even know that anyone gave it a thought or started the attempt, but it will definitely be much less costly to you.

3. Motion Detectors Give You Peace Of Mind At Night.

Motion detectors are not just for protecting your home when you’re away. They’re also for protecting you at night. There’s nothing worse than hearing a thump in the house downstairs in the middle the night, especially if you’re alone in the house. “What was that?” you think. Your mind starts racing, and you begin to evaluate your options: Stay motionless, flee somewhere, go down and face the threat, make a phone call. With motion detectors, you can instantly put your mind at rest. Because our motion detectors in the Platinum Package and Gold Package use infrared technology, they can “see” in the dark, so anyone who enters your home at night will be detected just as clearly as someone who comes in during the day.

4. You Can Instantly Evaluate the Alarm.

Whether your motion sensors get triggered while you’re away from home or while you’re asleep in bed, you’ll get an instant alert on your smartphone or other device. From there, you can manage the other components of your system. For instance, if you if you have 360o cameras installed, you can get an instant look at what is happening in that room. You can also trigger lights to come on and take other actions that will scare off the intruder, record what they look like, or even allow you to talk with them. Being able to manage and keep an eye on every room of your house is a luxury that our forefathers would have only dreamed of.

The very best way to get motion detectors and all the other components that go along with a good home security system is to purchase the Platinum Smart Home Security Package with Monitoring from Gynesys Best Home Security. We are here to keep you safe and secure against the growing threat of crime. Get yours today.