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Why You Should Never Say "It'll Never Happen To Me"

“It’ll never happen to me.”

Have you ever though this, even subconsciously, about your chances of having a home break-in? If you’ve had a home break-in yourself, you probably don’t think this any more! But if you have never experienced a burglary or other home invasion, chances are, you operate in the unconscious acceptance of this idea.

It is very easy to think along these lines, but doing so can put you needlessly at risk. At our home security company, we are committed to dispelling the common myths surrounding home security and keep our customers and readers as safe as possible with the best electronic door locks, security cameras, sensors, and other equipment. In this blog post, we’d like to look at the reasons that many people still hold this notion and do our part to dispel it.


1. I don’t have anything that anyone would want.

Lisa drives a junky old car, and she often leaves it unlocked when she is out and about, saying to herself, “I’d rather someone to just open the door and take what they want than break my window.” There’s no stereo system in the car, nor are there any valuables (visible or out of sight), so she feels justified in this decision. However, Lisa is not considering the ways that this is putting her at risk.
  • Someone could gain access the vehicle and be sitting in the back seat when she gets into her car, especially after dark. This puts Lisa’s own person at risk.
  • Lisa hasn’t thought of the fact that she does have her vehicle registration in the glove compartment, and this document contains a lot of her personal information. This puts Lisa’s identity at risk. 
  • Whenever the vehicle is unattended for long periods of time, anyone could simply open the door, unlatch the gas tank, and siphon off her fuel. 

If Lisa is putting herself at that much risk just by leaving her vehicle unlocked, how much more are you at risk when your home’s door locks are not as secure as they should be? You absolutely have things in your home that someone would want, and if someone gets access to your home because it’s the one on your street that’s the easiest to enter, your life can become filled with many inconveniences (not to mention the loss of your peace of mind). Do yourself a favor and beef up your security.


2. The area where I live is quiet and safe.

There are fewer and fewer places in America where it’s such a quiet, rural, safe place that people leave their doors unlocked. There are far more places where even when you do have your doors locked, you’re still at risk unless you have additional security measures in place. And even the rural areas are increasingly becoming targets, as more and more people discover how easy it is to make a quick entry and exit in these homes. Plus, you never know when an unsavory neighbor might move in around the corner, attracting a crowd of unsavory friends who begin to scope out the neighborhood for opportunities. The only time to protect yourself is before an incident, not afterward. Do it right with a comprehensive security system that you can install yourself and monitor without any monthly fees.


3. It hasn’t happened yet, so I won’t worry about it.

This feels so logical, but it’s really one of the biggest fallacies that we can fall for.

Imagine a game show contestant who is given 100 opportunities to draw cards at random from a bag. With most of the cards, the contestant earns points, but one card in the bag is a “sudden death” card that causes the contestant to lose all the points they’ve accumulated. As the contestant draws card after card, the audience’s tension builds. They’ve drawn 50 cards, 60 cards, and still they haven’t gotten the “sudden death” card. The contestant draws 70 cards, 80 cards, 85 cards.When the audience starts chanting, “Stop, stop, stop, stop,” the contestant keeps going, saying, “I haven’t gotten it yet, so I won’t worry about it!”

Sometimes the security professionals at Gynesys Best Home Security feel like that audience. We’re over here with the tension building, saying to ourselves, “Stop, stop, stop, stop thinking that it can’t happen to you.” The fact is, the more time that goes by without an incident or security breach at your home, the closer you get to something happening. More and more in today’s world, break-ins are an inevitable occurrence that almost everyone will experience. Don’t play games with your chances. Get your home secured with the technology that will keep you safe.

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