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Things To Install In Your House That Will Help Apprehend An Invader Who Gets Away

“Did you hear my home got broken into last week?” Alex said to his friend Josh.

“No, man, that’s crazy. What happened?” Josh asked.

“Oh, lost a bunch of stuff, and the guy got away,” Alex replied.

“Seriously? Are they looking for him?” Josh said.

“No, that’s the worst part,” Alex said. “I actually know who did it, but they can’t prosecute because they don’t have any proof.”

Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever had a home invasion, one of the most frustrating things about it is realizing that you’ll not only probably never see your stuff again, the perpetrators will probably never pay for their crime. It’s unfortunate, but true: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2011, only 10 percent of the completed burglaries that were reported to the police resulted in an arrest.

With that statistic in mind, Gynesys Best Home Security would like to give you some tips on things to install in your house that will help to apprehend a home invader who gets away. However, we also want to caution our readers not to take the law into your own hands. Always follow your local laws and ordinances, and beware of going all out, Home Alone-style, or you could be successfully sued by the people who wrongfully invaded your home, depending on what state you live in.

1. Install A Home Security System.

A full-fledged home security system can be your best friend when it comes to protecting your property. You’ll be able to prove that someone entered your home, and you’ll have an instant awareness of the incident due to doorbell cameras, motion detectors and other components that come with your security system. Even better, the existence of a security system can deter a would-be crook from entering the premises in the first place. In this case, prevention is a much better option than the cure, as the cure has a 90% chance of not working.

2. Replace Your Light Bulbs With Wifi Camera LED’s.

Who would ever think that an innocent-looking light bulb in your standard socket is actually concealing an embedded Wifi camera? When you get one or more of these light bulb wifi cameras, you’re getting a hidden camera that can swivel 360 degrees to look at the room from any direction. Getting camera footage of an intruder can be one of the best ways for you to prove the identity of the person who came into your residence. One of the great features of these cameras is the fact that the light illuminates the subject from the exact same angle as the camera feed, eliminating backlight and shadows to ensure you get a good image. Plus, you’ll be able to view the feed remotely at any time using the mobile app, so you’ll be able to use the camera to monitor your kids, babysitters, house sitters, or other activities in your home as well.

3. Accurately log the height of anyone who walks through your door.

Next time you go into your local bank, check out the doorways. In almost every bank, you’ll find a ruler or height marking against the door frame of every entrance. That way, if there is ever a bank robbery, the bank will get an accurate height measurement of the suspect caught on surveillance tape. You might or might not have as much to lose as a bank does, but you can get the same effect when you mark off feet and inches on the doorways or any narrow point that a person would have to pass through that’s also caught on tape. This helps to provide a valuable data point to identify a masked intruder who may not be identifiable by facial features or clothing.

4. Speak with a booming voice from above.

If your surveillance system catches an intruder in the very act of entering your home, you’ll be able to see that person’s movements from your mobile device—but what if you could speak to them, too? With the best security systems, you’ll get two-way communication capabilities that allow you to speak to the intruder and hear what they say back to you. This will allow you to capture and record a voice print. Even better: If you keep the conversation going long enough, you might even give time for the cops to show up while the person is still being delayed in your home. Plus, if you surprise the person with your voice, you’ll probably get them to turn their head suddenly in the direction of your equipment, which may just give you the best photo opportunity yet for your security camera. One simple way to do this is to install one of our Smart Bulb Bluetooth Speaker Bulbs in every room. No one would ever suspect the hidden capabilities of this light bulb, giving you the element of surprise.

Keeping your home secure is one matter; catching the suspect is quite another. You should be able to do both, and with the right equipment, you can! For a system that gives you insane value for a low cost and NO monitoring fees, protect yourself the right way with the Gold Home Security Package from Gynesys Best Home Security, which gives you a self-monitoring security package with all the components you’ll need for a basic setup. If you’d like professionals to monitor your system for you, choose our Platinum package, which comes with up to three years of free monitoring. And don’t forget your Wifi Camera LED Light Bulbs. We look forward to serving you, so buy your security system today.