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Personal Security Tips For When You're Away From Home

Your personal security is important.

If you waltz through life without a concern, you could be putting yourself at risk without knowing it. While our home security company is all for waltzing through life, we think it can be done with just enough attention to your safety that you get the best of both worlds.

In other words, don’t let watchfulness for your personal security turn into paranoia, but also don’t adopt an attitude that is so carefree that you endanger yourself unnecessarily. Here are just a few of the ways that you can enhance your personal security while also having the time of your life.

1. Develop an instinctive awareness of your surroundings.

One of the things that puts people at risk when they’re out and about is not paying attention to their surroundings. If you’re not in the habit of this already, it’s not a bad idea to begin to train yourself to develop an awareness of where you are, what exit routes are available, and what creative alternatives may be available to you.

For instance, you’re on a bike trail. On one side is a railroad track. On the other side is a fence and a housing development. You’re hemmed in by the fence and the railroad track for a good 500 yards. What do you do if someone with bad intentions comes your way? What if a train is on the tracks? Think through the available scenarios and don’t just look at the two points at the ends of the bike path. Can you roll under the fence, or climb over it?

Make it a game of looking around when you’re NOT in danger to enhance your brain’s ability to come up with a creative solution if you were ever to be in a crisis.

2. Enhance your ability to notice details.

If you are consciously making the effort to notice tiny little details everywhere you go, you’ll not only give yourself a better chance of getting out of a sticky situation, you’ll actually enjoy yourself more overall in life as well. It’s a rather convenient phenomenon that the same quick attention to detail that allows you to enjoy the beauty that everyone else overlooks can also alert you to danger that everyone else is unaware of.

Make it your experiment every day to notice things like the smell of the lilacs on the bush you’re walking past, the shape of the paint chips on the car that passes you, or the complete outfit that a certain visitor to your office is wearing.

Between the insanely busy pace of life and the amount of screen time that we all get, our natural ability to notice little details—and remember them afterward—tends to atrophy significantly. Don’t let it go away! It’s for your own security.

3. Adapt your security devices to the situation.

Not every scenario requires you to implement the same security measures, so you shouldn’t approach every location the same way. One situation may require you to keep your cell phone visible (even if you’re only pretending to be talking to someone), while another may require you to keep your cell phone out of sight. If you’re walking in a crowded downtown urban area where there are likely to be lots of pickpockets, you can get a keychain-size device that emits a piercing screech if someone snatches your bag. (It works if a pin is pulled out of its slot, so you attach one end to your person and the other end to your bag.) With a little thoughtfulness and creativity, you can prepare yourself for just about any situation.

4. Make sure that returning home isn’t your biggest security threat.

If you take care of your personal security while you’re away from home, but then do nothing to secure your home, belongings, and security, you could inadvertently walk into a trap in the very place where you ought to be the safest.

What if, instead of returning home to an empty house, you could have your house always connected to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor every movement, open door, and threat in real time? This is exactly what you can get when you install home motion sensors, security cameras, and a control panel that coordinates the signals from every component in your system. You can get real-time data, anywhere in the world, on any of your devices, about what is going on at your home. From the moment that someone rings your doorbell, you can observe them, interact with them, and have the chance to call the authorities if necessary.

With home motion sensors in your residence, you’ll protect yourself from walking into your home and surprising a would-be thief in the act, a circumstance that can put you in extra danger.

Get your home security system from Gynesys Best Home Security today. You’ll get all the components you need to monitor your home security yourself from any device. Buy yours today.