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How to Protect Yourself When Someone Rings The Doorbell

If you’re like many people, having someone ring your doorbell is kind of rare. No longer do we live in a culture where we drop over unannounced to each other’s houses, and if we do, we probably send a text rather than knocking or ringing the doorbell. Gone are the days when it worked to sell products door-to-door, and with the way that some neighborhoods are saturated with religious visitors, people are less likely than ever to answer the door, especially to a stranger. Still, there are a few legitimate occasions where you’d want to answer the door, like when UPS delivers a package, or when your neighbor walks over because some of your mail got put in their mailbox.

So how do you protect yourself when you answer the door? Simple. The easiest way to avoid conversations with unwanted visitors is to install a doorbell with a video camera and an intercom that you can manage right from your smartphone. Now, instead of pressing a mere mechanical “ding-dong” machine, your smart doorbell is basically an electronic intercom. This allows you to manage the visit without exposing yourself to the view of the person on your porch. In the rest of this blog post, our Home Security company would like to share with you some of our tips on how to protect yourself when someone rings your doorbell.

Do not give out any information about yourself.

When you speak to the visitor who has just rung your doorbell, be very watchful if they ask you any questions that would require you to give out any personal information about yourself. Keep in the back of your mind that even someone who is dressed to look like a legitimate courier or delivery driver may actually be scoping out the neighborhood or conducting a social engineering scam. Practice using a phrase like, “I’m sorry, I am not able to give out that information” in a confident voice that leaves no wiggle room. Say the same thing if they ask for names or information about your neighbors. If the person is there on legitimate business, they should honor your request. If they are a con artist, they may fish for more information. You should view this as a very big red flag.

Train your kids not to answer the door.

Since you have a perfect view from your phone of every person who rings your doorbell, there is no reason for your kids to open the door to anyone. Teach your kids about the dangers of what strangers could potentially attempt to do, and let them know that they can simply ignore the doorbell if it ever rings.

Be intentionally vague over whether or not you are at home.

Burglars have been known to go through neighborhoods, ringing doorbells to find out who is home, and you don’t want your home to be a target. If you are not at home when you are engaging with the visitor through the intercom, avoid making statements to that effect.

If your suspicions are aroused, have a backup plan.

Be ready to call 911 if something smells fishy.

Getting a video camera doorbell can be one of the biggest safety decisions you make this year, so don’t be left out. It’s easy to manage from your smartphone, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Give it a try today when you purchase our Smart Home Security Package. You’ll get two of these doorbells as well as the mobile app to manage them. Gynesys Best Home Security Inc is here to serve you with the security products that will keep you safe, so shop our home security system products today.