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Door Lock Mistakes To Avoid

Locking your doors is a fundamental principle of keeping your home and property secure. Most people have door locks and lock them, but could you be making mistakes with your door locks without even knowing it? Here are some of the tips from our home security company on how you should use your door locks. Don’t make these mistakes!

Mistake #1: Not locking your doors.

If you live in a safe, pleasant, tranquil area, such as a quiet neighborhood or a rural area, you may be tempted to leave your doors unlocked when you leave the house. In fact, you may have actually left your doors unlocked from time to time with no negative results. It should probably go without saying, but you’re asking for trouble if this is your habit at home. The old saying about “locking the barn doors after the horse is stolen” is applicable here, and we wouldn’t want you to start locking your doors only after someone had broken into your home simply by turning the door handle and walking in. Take precautions. Lock your doors.

One common variation of this is that people lock most of their doors, but they leave one door unlocked that they think won’t be obvious, such as the side garage door. It’s a mistake to think, “No one will ever try that door.” If anything, crooks probably know that that’s the most likely door to be left unlocked, so it may be the door they try first. Protect yourself by locking all of your doors.

Mistake #2: Locking the door handle only.

Most people have deadbolts installed in their doors by now, but if you don’t, you’re asking for trouble. Given the fact that even unskilled people can usually use the credit card trick to get through a locked door, you are almost in the same boat as when you leave your door completely unlocked. A deadbolt is a must-have, and you should not be without one.

Mistake #3: Locking the doors, but providing easy access elsewhere.

If you have doors that are locked and deadbolted, but you have other means of easy access to your home, be sure that an alert intruder will find those means and not bother to break down your door. Here are some typical culprits:

  • Unlocked or open windows, especially on the ground floor
  • A doggie door or pet access door (rule of thumb: If you can stick your head through it, a slim, athletic intruder will typically be able to get their whole body through it).
  • A breakable pane of glass near enough to the locked door that someone can simply reach their hand through it and unlock the door for themselves. 

Mistake #4: Not using electronic door locks.

If you’ve thought about getting electronic door locks but haven’t actually taken the plunge to get them, you are missing out on a whole new level of convenience. With an electronic door lock, you can manage your locks from your smartphone or touch a key combination that will let you in. Never get locked out again when you forget your keys or grab the wrong keychain.

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