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Are Indoor Motion Sensors Worthwhile?

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent, or if you live in a single family house or an apartment with multiple units. If you own possessions that you’d rather not lose, and especially if you have family members you’d like to protect from harm, you owe it to yourself to install a home security system that will give you peace of mind and protection.

While most people have basic security measures like locks on their doors, not as many people have adopted some of the latest technologies like motion sensors that can seriously ramp up your security game. Your reasons for not yet adopting motion sensors might range from anything from not wanting to pay a monthly monitoring fee (hint: you can get motion detectors that you monitor yourself from your phone) to thinking it’s difficult to install (hint: it’s not). However, you might also be wondering if it’s actually worthwhile to get home security motion sensors. That’s the question that Gynesys Best Home Security Inc would like to address for you in this blog post.

Scenario 1

You’re alone in the house. You have just turned off the lights, snuggled under the covers, and taken a deep, satisfying breath. You’re peacefully relaxing for a good night’s sleep when suddenly you hear a thump in the other room. What was that?

Instantly, you’re on high alert, eyes wide, heart pounding. Was it just your imagination, or did you really hear something? You lie frozen, barely daring to move, but you do silently reach over to your smartphone and flick it on. None of the motion sensors have registered any movement. You view the video feed from your security camera. Nothing. No more sounds or thumps or creaks, either.

All is well. You exhale slowly and let the tension seep gradually back out of your body. No longer do you have to face the dilemma between lying still and hoping it’s nothing, and throwing on a robe and braving the downstairs, where every footstep seems to creak with a hundred decibels and a million echoes. Your security system has your back. You can go back to sleep instead of lying awake for 2 more hours, straining your ears at every imaginary noise.

Scenario 2

You are at work and you get a notification on your phone that one of your motion sensors has detected movement. That’s weird, you think. No one should be home at this hour of the day. You open the video feed from your security camera and your heart skips a beat as you literally see a masked character stuffing your possessions into a backpack. This can’t be happening--is this real? Instantly, you snap out of the surreal feeling and dial 911. The cops are on their way to your home at that moment rather than showing up after you get home from work and discover that someone has been there. Furthermore, with the footage you’ve recorded from the day’s incident, you’re able to prove your case and get the intruder convicted.

Judge for yourself if this is worthwhile.

There are probably thousands more scenarios that we could explore, but hopefully these two will be sufficient to show you just how much of a help your home motion detector can be. It not only helps to protect your stuff—it helps protect you. What’s more, it helps to maintain your sanity. Whether you’ve ever had an incident or not, you don’t want to be without a home security system that includes motion detectors. Fortunately, four wireless motion detectors come as part of the standard kit that you get when you purchase our Smart Home Security Package. This complete package gives you everything you’ll need to protect your home. Buy yours from Gynesys Best Home Security Inc today.